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Tucson resident Wanita Torrance never thought she would be taking her 87-year-old mother to Italy, but that is exactly what she is getting ready to do, thanks to the Passport Promotion sweepstakes offered at Sweet Tomatoes restaurants during August and September. Torrance was just recently notified that she had won. Have a great trip!

Open Table

You still have time to make your New Year's reservations using Open Table. Make reservations online and earn points toward a free dinner. Check out Tucson restaurants online.

Open New Year's Day

Silver Lining Café is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. serving brown-sugar pear pancakes and other hangover specialties at 2545 E. Broadway Blvd.; 326-5665. Come hang out with your hangover! Frankie's South Philly Cheesesteaks is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. serving the regular mouthwatering menu (peruse it online) at 2574 N. Campbell Ave.; 795-2665.

Noshing Musings

People always ask me for recommendations, so I decided to share some of my experiences this year: CataVinos is a great find for casual wine tastings (six tastes for $10) including cheese and crackers. It's so cozy that you can't help but talk to the people sitting nearby at 3063 N. Alvernon Way; 323-3063. The sopa tlalpeño at Zivaz nourishes my well-being. I order it almost every time at 4590 E. Broadway Blvd.; 325-1234. The ginger tofu bento box makes me happy and healthy at Yoshimatsu, 2660 N. Campbell Ave.; 320-1574. The Dish may have gotten smaller, but it's gotten better; I love their small plates and desserts at 3131 E. First St.; 326-0121. I ate dinner recently at the Lodge in the Desert; it was practically deserted. What a waste of culinary talent by Thayer Johnson, executive chef at 306 N. Alvernon Way; 325-3366. Lastly, I'm still thinking about the perfect artichoke/ricotta cannelloni at Vivace (4310 N. Campbell Ave.; 795-7221), where the service is always top-notch.

On the negative side, a restaurant that I formerly frequented recently changed ownership. Unfortunately, now the service sucks. During my last visit, I had to stand up and yell, "Hey! Is anybody going to wait on us?" That didn't seem to do the trick.

New Year's Info in Abundance

Don't forget to check out New Year's Guide, in the middle of the print issue and throughout the online version.

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