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Tie a Yellow Ribbon

Since July 4, UNO Chicago Grill has provided their customers with stationary for writing encouraging and heartfelt sentiments to support our troops in Iraq. Last Friday, Up With People, a local service and entertainment group, received the hundreds of hand-written notes--each tied with a yellow ribbon--and will them send overseas. UNO serves Chicago style Italian food, pizza and many low-carb entrees like lemon-basil salmon and stuffed baked chicken at 10180 N. Oracle Road in Oro Valley, 878-0222.

Monxoom Madness

Locally owned Xoom Juice understands monsoons. Besides offering shelter and a hip place to hang out, come into a Xoom Juice during any July monsoon and get $1 off a regular smoothie. Find the location nearest you at .

Wine Gawd

That would be the title on Kevin Leeser's business card, the wine maestro at Plush's new wine bar that debuted earlier this week. Plush recently expanded with additional seating--inside and out--more wine flights and private party availability. Plush is open daily at Fourth Avenue and Sixth Street. Call 798-1298 for hours and information.

Root Beer Floats

Whenever I crave a root beer float, I head over to Dairy Queen. For a different twist, Doug Levy at the Feast makes an inverted root beer float from house-made root beer ice cream and Stewart's cream soda.

And here's something you can try at home: Take one can of regular root beer and one can of diet root beer. Fill a deep sink or bucket with water. At the same time, place both cans in the water. Which one floats? The density of water is 1g/cm³. If the density of an object is less than one, then the object floats in water. If the density of an object is more than one, the object will sink in water. The answer is based on the difference in relative densities between sugar and the sugar substitute.

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