No Offense!

I've learned over the years that many people are easily offended. I think that some people even like to get offended.

Here's an e-mail that I received following last week's Editor's Note, in which I apologized for having a "blond moment": I take offense with you referring to your mistake as a blond moment. Blond(e) jokes are no better than Polish or other racial jokes. Making fun of or judging a group of people based solely on the color of their hair is no better than doing the same based on their race or color. You should be ashamed of your "moronic moment."


I responded: "While I am sorry that you took offense, I am blond myself, and I think it's important to be able to laugh at one's self. So, no shame here."

In related news: I noticed that several musicians used Facebook and other venues to express offense at the list of Tucson Area Music Awards (TAMMIES) finalists. Words like "snubbed" and "robbed" were used.

Given that this was a vote-driven process, words like "snubbed" and "robbed" are ridiculous.

Consider the case of a little band called Calexico. They are not a TAMMIES finalist this year, a fact that Stephen Seigel, our music editor, found disconcerting. For whatever reason, they didn't get the votes, even though the group is definitely deserving. (They probably deserve the Band/Musician of the Year award for Fiesta en el Barrio Viejo alone.) Yet they aren't going around saying they were robbed, are they?

Folks: Lighten up, OK?

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