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Eleanor Leon

If you're wandering downtown Tucson, you can't miss Eleanor Leon's vintage boutique La Fashionista on 45 S. Sixth Ave. Leon is usually humming along with The Police or Duran Duran behind the worn out register from the sorely missed Red Room that sits promptly on her 70's-era counter. If Leon isn't too busy with customers or chatting Wig-O-Rama's Ms. Kim, ask to see some of her Bettie Page art and paintings.

What was the first concert you attended?

Duran Duran was my first official concert in Tempe. Five of us packed in the car, and got a flat tire on the way there. A nice old fellow helped us get on our way.

What are you listening to these days?

Wanda Jackson, Johnny Cash, old traditional gospel. The Turtles, Nancy Sinatra. Lorde, new Echo & The Bunnymen.

What was the first album you owned?

I remember a Michael Jackson 45 and a family Grease album.

What artist, genre or musical trend does everyone seem to love, but you just don't get?

There are too many to list: Miley Cyrus, Skrillex, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, Beyonce and Jay-Z.

What musical act, current or defunct, would you most like to see perform live?

Talking Heads, The Waitresses, The Sparks, The Turtles, Josie Cotton, The Beatles, The Sex Pistols and The Clash.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Morrissey. Need I say more.

What song would you like to have played at your funeral?

I am a little more complex than one song so here goes: "Eleanor Rigby" is where my name stems from (Thanks, Ma!). And the last song will be "It Is Well With My Soul."

What artist changed your life and how?

The Smiths changed my life. I identify with the pain, joy and escapism. I was the Mexican Molly Ringwald in Tucson. I even dated a guy who looked like Andy Rourke of The Smiths.

Figurative gun to your head, what is your favorite album of all time?

Well, I really love "Pretty in Pink," but I would have to say everything The Smiths and Morrissey has ever done.

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