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Colin Sams

Multi-instrumentalist Colin Sams, 28, returned to Tucson several years ago from Arkansas. He was the singer/songwriter/guitarist for The Vases, but has branched out recently with two new bands: Wild Violence (for whom he drums), and as the guitarist for Waving at Strangers, who begin recording their debut EP this week.

What was the first concert you attended?

Third Eye Blind at the Pima County Fairgrounds in 1996. I sat on my dad's shoulders.

What are you listening to these days?

A lot of Yuck and The Joy Formidable. I'm also rediscovering Archers of Loaf.

What was the first album you owned?

My mom bought me Queen's News of the World for Valentine's Day when I was six.

What artist, genre or musical trend does everyone seem to love, but you just don't get?

I'd say dubstep and the Mumford & Sons fake-folk thing.

What musical act, current or defunct, would you most like to see perform live?


What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Andrew W.K.

What song would you like to have played at your funeral?

"Golden Slumbers" by The Beatles. The best one minute and 30 seconds of music ever created.

What band or artist changed your life, and how?

Smashing Pumpkins. The first time I ever heard Billy Corgan's guitar playing I knew that the guitar would be a part of my life for the rest of my life. His tone is like bathing in butter!

Figurative gun to your head, what is your favorite album of all time?

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness by Smashing Pumpkins.

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