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Curtis McCrary

Curtis McCrary is the executive director of the Rialto Theatre. In his spare time, McCrary enjoys whitewater rafting, partial jet ownership and several grandchildren. He also has been an occasional contributor to the Tucson Weekly.

What was the first concert you attended?

Eddie Rabbitt, the Oak Ridge Boys and Boxcar Willie (who no-showed) in like 1981 or something. At the time, I thought the Oak Ridge Boys hit "Elvira" was called "Hell Fira" because I had never heard the name Elvira before.

What are you listening to these days?

Daft Punk, Swamp Dogg, Condominium, John Vanderslice (and) Magna Carta ... Holy Grail (by Jay-Z), even though it's not that great. Oh, that new Pickwick record is pretty choice.

What was the first album you owned?

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Live Bullet. I bought it at Sears with allowance money when I was maybe 8 or 9. There is no good explanation for this.

What artist, genre or musical trend does everyone seem to love, but you just don't get?

I don't know if there is one—I always try to understand why someone would be into a particular sound, even if I'm not into it, and usually I can wrap my mind around whatever the basis is.

What musical act, current or defunct, would you most like to see perform live?

Elvis Presley, circa King Creole. That or Led Zeppelin playing a club show in 1970.

Musically speaking, what is your favorite guilty pleasure?

I don't have any guilty pleasures because I like what I like shamelessly.

What song would you like to have played at your funeral?

Let's go with "The Superbowl Shuffle" by the (Chicago) Bears Shufflin' Crew.

What band or artist has changed your life, and how?

I'd say the Police, who were the first band whose records I collected.

Figurative gun to your head, what is your favorite album of all time?

I have always hated this question, because why we gotta bring guns into this, yo? I'll tell you my favorite album without the "figurative" threat of violent death, OK? It's Killing Is My Business ... and Business Is Good. Just kidding, it's Purple Rain. 

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