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Jeremy Michael Cashman's ensemble plays a blend of jazz and rock that combines Howe Gelb- and Calexico-inspired cool desert darkness with the blistering heat of '60s rock. Cashman himself describes them as a "little dark electric band." The band will be playing a free show in Plush's lounge on Sunday, Dec. 30, at 9:30 p.m.

What was the first concert you ever saw?

A Larry Norman concert that my older brother took a date and myself to. (I whined a bit.)

What CDs are in your changer right now?

Jeff Lynne's Idle Race albums; The Bee Gees, Odessa; King Crimson's In the Court of the Crimson King; McDonald and Giles, self-titled; and Tom Petty's Echo.

How many total albums do you own (CDs, vinyl, cassettes, 8-tracks)?

I suspect around 1,200, none of which are 8-tracks.

Do you download music, and if so, legally or illegally?

I don't download any music. Music stores don't threaten me as much as computers do.

What was the first album you owned?

Daniel Amos' Alarma! on vinyl (1981).

What song would you like to have played at your funeral?

Elvis Costello's "I Want to Vanish" and T-Bone Burnett's "Shut It Tight."

Musically speaking, what do you love that your friends don't know about? What's your favorite guilty pleasure?

I grew up on and still like a lot of semi-fringe gospel records, and most folks (justifiably so, I suppose) think that whenever someone gives them anything gospel, there must be an agenda at work other than interesting art.

What band or artist changed your life, and how?

Probably our own Howe Gelb, because it seems that it's more important for him to capture and record a time in his life that may never pass his way again, rather than just (doing) song work and hits.

Figurative gun to your head, what is your favorite album of all time?

After Everything Now This from The Church (2002). I adore it! Especially through headphones while on the floor in my sleeping bag.

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