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Since 1987, fans of the kind of country music you never hear on commercial radio have looked forward to a weekly fix on Route 66, Michael Hyatt's KXCI gig on Tuesday nights from 8 to 10 p.m. An avid collector and authority on rhythm and blues as well as country-music history (he's produced six volumes of classic railroad songs for the esteemed Rounder Records), Hyatt has most recently produced a CD of local artists performing their original songs about life on the border. Mercy on the Arizona Migrant Trail: Tucson Songwriters Respond to the Human Crisis on the Mexican Border is available at Hear's Music and CD City. Proceeds benefit several Tucson organizations providing humanitarian aid to migrants.

What was the first concert you ever saw?

The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl, August 30, 1965.

What CDs are in your changer right now?

George Jones & Merle Haggard, Kickin' Out the Footlights ... Again; Miles Davis, In a Silent Way; B-Tribe, Fiesta Fatal!; Johannes Brahms, Symphony #1; Gram Parsons, The Complete Reprise Sessions.

How many total albums do you own (CDs, vinyl, cassettes, 8-tracks)?

1,000 CDs; 2,000 LPs, 45s and 78s; 500 cassettes and one 8-track (The Outlaws, Wanted!).

Do you download music, and if so, legally or illegally?

No, and I've made a point of not learning how.

What was the first album you owned?

Duane Eddy, $1,000,000.00 Worth of Twang.

What song would you like to have played at your funeral?

Jerry Lee Lewis, "Great Balls of Fire."

Musically speaking, what do you love that your friends don't know about? What's your favorite guilty pleasure?

Without an ounce of guilt, James Reel on KUAT-FM weekday mornings.

What band or artist changed your life, and how?

While serving in the Navy in 1967 a buddy turned me on to aspects of the alternative lifestyle, so to speak, and to the social conscience of our generation expressed through the poetry of Bob Dylan. I've never looked back.

Figurative gun to your head, what is your favorite album of all time?

Iris DeMent, Infamous Angel.

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