Jericho Davidson
Jericho Davidson

The Pangs' XXXmas Spectacular: Tucson-weaned potty mouth Jericho Davidson is raunched-up and half-nude—and he'll host, with loud, mad aplomb, your evening of irreverent anti-holiday humor. Joined by junkie-turned-comic Josiah Osego and Southside Tucson monologist Pauly Casillas, these up-and-comer standups are turning their Old Pueblo hard knocks into a laugh riot on the greater national stage. Davidson, who is now, you'll note, a New Yorker, brings home his wicked self-loathing and unbridled testosterone to cover tunes like "I'm in Love with the Coco," all while parading around in briefs, a porno Jack Black, wicking sweat from his fat rolls. Osego's svelte, and his delivery is self-effacing, even soft-spoken. A black comic, he often jokes that whites love the "dark humor" and cautions, "We're all one bad joke away from killin' ourselves." Pauly Casillas is an offensive straight-shooter, "If you get a handjob from someone who communicates solely in sign language, is that considered a blow job?!" Sunday, Dec. 23, Hotel Congress, 311 E. Congress St. 8 p.m. 21+. Free. —B.S. Eliot

The Bennu blows the psych-jam mold down by melding a classically trained quartet with a knee-weakening, soulful female singer. And, dude, they can groove. Jazz-caliber guitar, bass, drums and keys underscore Vasant Weiss' perfectly-controlled mezzo Soprano. (No, this isn't the limpy and white Whole Foods stuff that often passes for jazz now.) From there they take charge, weaving epic jams with elements of dirt-street funk, world and electronica into a smart, ear-bending tapestry. Note that Bennu is actually an ancient Egyptian deity linked with sun, creation and rebirth, and that feels like the musical blueprint of each tune. So confident and accomplished is this band they chose their sophomore release to be a double live album! What year is this, 1974? Fans of the Further/Joan Osborne Terrapin Station tour will go apeshit for these Tucson folks. The Bennu sites Alan Watts as inspiration and likes to sing of salvation through love, "If you're saving my soul/I guess you gotta work a little harder." With Legion of Mario. Friday, Dec. 21. 191 Toole. Doors at 7 p.m. $7. 21+. —B.S. Eliot

The Arroyo Café Holiday Show: There's something open-sky nostalgic and even yuletide magical about attending a live taping of an old-fashioned radio show. And over the last four years, Arizona Daily Star columnist and cartoonist Dave Fitzsimmons' has crafted a new Old Pueblo holiday tradition. This special presentation of The Old Pueblo Radio Show is penned for the whole family and boasts G-rated situational and physical comedy between inspiring holiday din by Crystal Stark, Marty Bishop, the Grandsons of the Pioneers, Mariachi Aztlan, the Arroyo Café Players and some "special" mystery guest. The whole shindig benefits the mighty AZPM, Reveille Men's Chorus and Mariachi Aztlan de Pueblo High School. Watch, listen and get all real time with the "on-air" light, the jocular voice-overs and those time-honored bells and whistles that bring a radio show to life. The Arroyo Café has moved venues overtime and graduated to the breathtaking Rialto Theatre. Mastermind Fitz insists that "All are welcome, but Trump fans might want to stay home." Saturday, Dec. 22. Rialto Theatre, 318 East Congress St. Doors at 1 p.m. $15-$20. All ages. —B.S. Eliot

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