In response to last week's statement in this space explaining why a progressive rag like the Tucson Weekly would publish the screed of Emil Franzi, who gads about the right side of the political spectrum, Franzi writes:

"My right-wing buddies always ask why I hang with and write for a bunch of pinko bedwetters at the TW. Partly because you pay me, although nowhere near what I'm worth. But mainly because under a series of editors--Huff, Nintzel and now Reel--the TW has had the integrity to be an equal opportunity prick to a whole series of pompous pols, many of them liberals and Democrats.

"If Rolling Stone could handle P.J. O'Rourke for all those years, the local commies can get used to me. I ain't P.J., but then--you ain't Rolling Stone."

So there you have the gospel according to Emil Franzi.

Meanwhile, it's not politicians we're going after in this week's cover story, but those who exploit animals to a cruel degree. Connie Tuttle's article offers no new exposés, no revelations from the UA's monkey lab, for instance. But it does offer information you may not have encountered if you've never given much thought to what happens to animals in the name of food and medical research.

It makes provocative Thanksgiving reading. Bon appétit.

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