The Tucson Weekly will be much more useful if you actually pay attention to what you're reading here.

Now, I understand that this rag doesn't demand the concentration required by, say, a treatise deconstructing the novels of Thomas Pynchon. But some readers seem not to focus at all on the words that pass beneath their eyes, and then become victims of their own slovenly reading habits.

This week, for example, a very polite manager of a local movie theater called to say that he'd had several unhappy customers over the weekend who claimed that the Weekly wrongly declared that certain films were still playing there.

The manager and I quickly figured out that the customers simply didn't take the trouble to understand our movie listings. Because we hit the street on Thursday, we list movies that are still playing that day, even though they may be gone by Friday. In such cases, we indicate that the showtimes for such films are Thursday only; if the listings show only times for "Thu," don't expect to see the movie Fri through Wed, folks.

Similarly, some people write irate letters to the editor based on serious misreadings of our articles. I welcome argumentative mail dealing with our actual content, but if you've completely missed the point, I'm not going to waste Mailbag space letting you prove what a dork you are.