When Jim Nintzel and Dave Devine proposed a substantial series of articles on local transportation issues, I rejoiced that reporters were volunteering for a long project covering an important but dry issue. I also worried that you readers would get sick of the project before it was over.

Apparently, you're still driven to read our "Crossroads" series, judging from the mail we've been getting.

We're way behind on printing letters to the editor, but over the next few weeks you'll find your fellow readers putting in their half-cents (the amount of a proposed transportation tax) on the issue of how to get around town. Some want to put the brakes on roadbuilding and invest in mass transit; others have elaborate schemes for bolstering our underfunded transportation plans.

Tucson being a typical stretched-out Western city, transportation is critical to almost all of us. Getting from here to there usually means more than strolling down the block, and we've got to cover the distance somehow, whether by car, bike, bus, or something yet to come.

This week, Nintzel and Devine leave the driver's seat to Chris Limberis, who delivers a feature on where the county's road bond money is going--or is stalling out. The county has laid only a quarter of the road miles in its huge transportation plan. Where's the rest of the money? Find out a few pages hence.

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