There's no better way for us to strike fear--or at least exasperation--into the hearts of Pima County politicians and bureaucrats than to run a story under the byline of Chris Limberis, as we do in our feature space this week.

Limbo, as he is sometimes called even to his face, has been dogging city and county officials for nearly two decades. With a master's in journalism from the UA, he spent about 12 years at the Arizona Daily Star covering the city and county governments, and doing a stint at the state capitol around the time of the Symington indictment.

Proud of his Greek heritage, he'll show up at your hospital bed not with a bouquet of flowers but with a dish of contraband spanakopita.

In the mid 1990s, Limberis says, "I made the mistake of going to work in county government. I was a political aide, but I don't want to talk about that anymore; that's dark history."

Disgusted, he came to the Tucson Weekly as a staff writer in 1998, but got laid off the following year when the paper was being downsized as it went up for sale.

Nevertheless, he's been freelancing for us ever since, spending much of his time buried in public records, never knowing what dirt he'll dig up next. "I just plod along, and eventually I catch something," he says. "I'm just nosy, I guess."