No more nifty little photos in this space; I'm back from my month-long medical adventure, which means a clutter of words against a threatening black background (unless you're reading this on the Web, in which case it's much less severe-looking, and more legible).

I've come out of my dance with the medical establishment just fine; maybe I'll write about it someday, if we're really desperate to fill space. But what I really need to do is give credit to one of the people who kept the Weekly going during my absence, proving that I am far from indispensable.

If you read the fine print over on the left side of the page, you may have noticed a credit for an "interim editor" named Keith Bagwell. That's the same Keith Bagwell who until last year toiled at the Arizona Daily Star, mainly keeping an eye on environmental issues but also sometimes covering other beats. He actually went digging when he was a court reporter, turning in stories much deeper than just a repeat of yesterday's verdicts.

Keith also filled in for the paper's assistant city editors from time to time, and was an early KXCI board member. I figured that, between his expertise in news, editing and non-mainstream entertainment, he'd be perfect for the Weekly. I believe I was right, and I hope we'll see his byline on future Weekly articles.

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