Our biggest surprise in the past few days is that last week's Tom Danehy column, "And Baby Makes Two," drew only two letters--one praising Danehy's condemnation of voluntary single-motherhood, one branding him a misogynist.

I figured it would stir up a lot more hate mail. The Weekly is not the place you'd expect to find an attack on what many of us believe to be a matter of personal choice. A great many people are not qualified to be parents, but, in my opinion, being single has nothing to do with it.

The column certainly riled the women here in the office. Page designer Karen Falkenstrom crafted an elegant single-sentence response: "If fewer men had opinions like yours, fewer mothers would decide to go it alone."

Luckily for Tom Danehy, he doesn't have to put his columns to a staff vote; the results would soon become half-hearted and predictable. He makes fun of vegetarians, but I avoid meat. He makes fun of tattooed women, but my wife has tattoos. He decries single mothers, but I was raised by a serial divorcee.

No wonder Tom looks so nervous around me.

Nevertheless, his position here is secure. His job is to generate a buzz among the readers. I'm disappointed only that our mailbag isn't humming more this week.

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