New Rules

A New Year is (almost here), so—with apologies to Bill Maher—it seems like a good time for some new rules.

1. Please spell-check your death threats before you send them in. Folks, it's bad form to be incoherent and sloppy when threatening the life of an altweekly editor. (It's also worth noting that death threats, in general, should be avoided—they lead to police paperwork and annoying phone calls to Internet-service providers, not to mention added alcohol consumption on the part of the altweekly editor. But good spelling and proper grammar are appreciated in any case.)

2. If you are offended by the "adult content" in the Tucson Weekly—or any other publication, for that matter—please don't look at it. I recently took a call from a woman upset about the adult content toward the back of this fine publication; I informed her that all the ads back there are for legal, tax-paying businesses. Yeah, she retorted, but there's a difference between legal and proper. I told her I agreed with her, and that we'll apparently just have to agree to disagree about what, exactly, "proper" means.

Then she hung up.

• Please, feel free to disagree in a civil fashion. That's (one of the reasons) why we're here, folks: to get conversations going and ideas flowing.

If you disagree with that statement ... well, then, feel free to disagree anyway—but refer back to rules 1 and 2.

Happy New Year, everyone. As always, thanks for reading.

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