New in the 'Weekly'!

We've made some changes here at Weekly World Central that are worth noting.

First: I'd like to welcome Adam Borowitz to the Weekly as the new City Week listings coordinator. It's his job to go through all of the (appropriate) listings requests we receive via e-mail, our Web site, fax, snail mail and carrier pigeon, and then input all of that information into our listings database. It's a tough and important gig, but Adam seems to be up to the task; he's a veteran of both the Arizona Daily Star (where one of his duties was doing the community calendar) and the Tucson Citizen (where he was a crime reporter). Adam beat out more than 180 applicants for the City Week position, and we're glad to have him. (Thanks to Jason Shults for helping us get through the transition.)

Second: I'd like to welcome Irene Messina to our opinion pages.

Irene, our assistant editor, is a six-year veteran of the Weekly, and she'll now be penning a biweekly column. Her column alternates weeks with Catherine O'Sullivan's column, in the spot formerly occupied by Connie Tuttle; thanks to Connie for all of her contributions to the Weekly.

Irene says she intends to use the column to "find people in the community who have 'alternative' ways of thinking and living or are doing something a little out of the box."

Check out her first column in this issue--and feel free to e-mail us and let us know what you think.

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