Never Enough

Rarely does a day go by without an e-mail complaint or Web site comment that, gosh darn it, the Tucson Weekly is not giving enough coverage to something of vital importance or utter coolness in the Tucson community.

For example, one recent complaint came from a reader who was "absolutely shocked at the Weekly's total lack of coverage regarding the shutdown and apparent dismantling of Access Tucson."

While this reader is mistaken—we covered the matter in The Skinny on Jan. 21, and addressed the situation on The Range (our daily dispatch at several times, most recently on Jan. 29—he has a point that we have not covered it as much as, say, the fact that adult-education and GED programs are on the state chopping block (see Page 13), or the fact that the whole damn state is on the brink of insolvency (see pretty much every issue for the last two months).

It's all about priorities and limited resources, folks. This paper is put out every week with an editorial staff of six people (and two of those people work part-time for us) and contributions from underpaid and overworked freelancers and contributors. We can only do so much.

That doesn't mean I don't think we do a fine job of utilizing our resources; we indeed do a better job than other area publications. (One reason we keep harping on the state's budget problems: Our morning daily has barely covered our state's near-insolvency. And we think this issue's kind of important.) Nor does this mean that I don't appreciate the feedback; I really do.

I just want to remind everyone that there are only so many pages per issue, and only so many hours per week—and I truly believe that we're doing a good job of utilizing that limited space and time.

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