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A little more than a year ago, I was blissfully ignorant of online social networking. I wasn't on MySpace or Facebook or any of that stuff.

It was kind of a blessing, I realize in retrospect.

It all started when I set up a remedial MySpace page; I needed to have a MySpace login to get to a band's page to download a photo or something. Soon, I was encouraged by social-networking dorks in the office to actually do something with my MySpace page, seeing as the newspaper was getting its own MySpace page, and it would look lame if the editor of said paper had a crappy page. Of course, the job of maintaining the Weekly's MySpace page eventually fell in my lap after a number of the social-networking dorks left the paper.

Then, several months ago, our company set up a social-networking site for a "new media" seminar that the company was sponsoring. Using Ning, I had to sign up for that. We also used Ning for, so I obviously now have a Ning account.

Also within the last several months, I've started getting requests from friends to join Facebook (which is kinda like MySpace, but about 3,000 times better) and LinkedIn (which is a networking site for professionals--people who, presumably, have lives). So I joined.

The tragic thing is this: The amount of time I spend interacting with these social-networking sites seems to be growing exponentially. If this trend keeps going, they could start cutting into my real-life socializing time.

Am I the only person who feels this way?

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