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Re: “Hidden Agenda?

Well Edna and concerned parent I went to all the links posted here by ex ssa parent as well as others and then I did my own research with google. I read and formed my own opinion just as you have.I don't apologise for not agreeing with you as I believe most of you to be radicals reminiscint of a witch hunt and seeking and accusing people of being commies.

Posted by nan on 01/26/2010 at 3:14 PM

Re: “Hidden Agenda?

I actually have looked into the Gulen movement,I am so involved in my childs education that I did look it up. Sorry I find no fault with SSA. There is not a school that my child has attended that staff did not know me. I have been VP of PTF two yrs running at her elementary school and been heavily involved with fund raisers. Any thing suspicious and I was in the office fast, I have never been a lazy parent when it comes to my childs education, Research was done extensively before I enrolled het at SSA. Comming from private schools since K5, I know what to look for.
I still say sour grapes and if I find anything suspicious at SSA believe me I will be on them fast and not just speculate on a rag like the Weekly.

Posted by nan on 01/25/2010 at 7:08 AM

Re: “Hidden Agenda?

Then why has a lawsuit not been filed? Why have the disgruntled parents not pooled their money together and filed a suit? Speculation does not make a person guilty. If the facts are valid about criminal activity then why not a suit?

Posted by nan on 01/25/2010 at 6:26 AM

Re: “Hidden Agenda?

I believe that ex ssa parent is sick and the more we respond in defense of SSA to him and other failing parents, we feed his hunger to destroy a good school. Let him and his fellow gang of parents have this column to themselves, let them preach to the choir so to speak. Parents like myself and others here who are proud of SSA need not feed this shark frenzy.
If it ever gains momentum then we will come out again in support of SSA but to keep this guys inane accusations alive is foolish, for he is a foolish man as are his followers.
My child is happy there and I will spend my efforts and energy in supporting SSA and staff and especially my childs love for his school. Don't feed this guys ego and don't support this reporters weak article. This will die down when there is no one to fight with. GO SSA!

Posted by nan on 01/18/2010 at 6:43 AM

Re: “Hidden Agenda?

If this is not about education,and you are an ex ssa parent then what do you care? You are no longer involved with this school so what is your real motive?

Many people have already stated that there is no connection with Gulen, and you state "If they say they have no interest in Gulen, Then it is more than obvious that Gulen has an interest in them." So what is it to you? You have no student in this school. Why don't you just let the school take care of it's own business. If there are parents out there with current students then why are they keeping annonymous? At least have the guts to say your name and if your not happy take your student and leave.

Why this big campaign smear? I wonder how many posters here really have students enrolled at SSA? I will bet just a couple including myself.
One more thing this so called" Sharia tactic of discipline" What in the Sam Hill is that? I never heard of such a thing, thats when I know this is all made up and people I sure would not take this whole article too seriously.

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Posted by nan on 01/09/2010 at 1:08 PM

Re: “Hidden Agenda?

As a current SSA Parent, and a person whose job took me to employment on DMAFB, let me say that the fact SSA has a school on base speaks volumes. I know first hand the back ground checks the Base does on anyone even entering the Base let alone setting up a school for the service men's children. I am confident that had any of the allegations made by "exssa parent" had any shred of truth, this school would not be operating on Base!
I do remember an irate parent last year who was full of hate because his student was acting up and he blamed the school and the students friends, he made a horrible scene at the school. Could this possibly be exssa parent?
I find it sad that when students act up or make failing grades that in any school, the parents always blame the school. Some schools may warrant this charge but the fault mostly falls with the parents.
SSA is such a fine school and I find it ridiculous that these negative posters attack with out any sound proof. As for the principal threatening the parent, I find this ludicrous, he is a fine and kind man who sincerely cares for the student body as well as all the teachers do. I guess if someone was slandering me I also would warn that person that they better watch out, not a threat, just a warning that they might end up in court for slander. Does this constitute a threat ? when I am only trying to defend myself? Thats whats so great about this country, I can defend myself in a court of law. Now a threat would be "bodily harm" Which I am sure never happened.
If this ever comes to be a big issue you can bet SSA parents like myself will stand by in support of SSA. Way too many GOOD things come out of SSA to let disgruntled parents ruin it for the rest of us.

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Posted by nan on 01/09/2010 at 7:16 AM

Re: “Hidden Agenda?

I posted last night and spent more time this morning reading the comments and am so dismayed by what I read. I have never encountered any of the negative experiences that ex ssa parent claims. I have met with SSA teachers, the vice principal and office staff and I cannot ever see any semblance of truth by negative posters. This is a school that I am proud for my child to attend, my student, when I questioned about this article, said, "This is so totally untrue"
There is hard work and they expect the students to take their studies seriously, I expect this too from my child.
They expect students to behave, reach high and I do too. They also expect students to have fun and they do, Ms Votrubeck the drama teacher is great and the kids had a great time putting on their plays this last Fall. My student has not just one but several " favorite teachers" and that says alot to me.

That there are many Muslims attending? so what? I appreciate this, I want my student to know for themself about Muslims not just what is blared on the news or paper or like this so called paper. I do not want my student to be a bigot! I want my child to understand that there are good and bad people in any group, black,white Christian,Muslim, Buddhist, whatever.
In closing I just want to add that I heartilly recommend this school if you want to wash the public school mentality from your child and find a school that expects great from your child,and who will help you acheive this, not just pass them on regardless of their poor grades.

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Posted by nan on 01/06/2010 at 5:49 AM

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