My Favorite Dispensary

Whether you are looking for a location with easy access or just high quality product at a good price, The Green Halo doesn’t disappoint.

My first experience at a dispensary was based on location.

When I received my green card in the mail, I asked my phone to locate the closest dispensary. The Green Halo came up and was less than five miles away.

Located near the I-10 at 7710 S. Wilmot Road, The Green Halo offers easy access even if it is not close to you.

Location may be a good reason to go somewhere, but with medicine there are definitely more important factors.

If you are like me, you like to try other dispensaries. Many locations have offers or gifts for first-time customers, a great reason to try new locations. The Green Halo offers a free gram of the flower of your choice on your first visit.

The Green Halo has daily specials (which is common with dispensaries), with Ten-Dollar Tuesdays (all flower $10/gram) and Shatterday (all shatter, wax etc. $40/ gram) rivaling the best prices in town.

The quality of medicine is more important than price to some. I have found their strains to be as good as or better than any I have tried. I have been to other dispensaries that may have more strains to choose from, but not one that has more high-quality strains. Green Halo offers a variety of strains in THC content and THC to CBD ratios. Their daily menu handouts show test results for most of their products.

Unlike other dispensaries I've been to, Green Halo sells pre-packaged flowers. This may not be everyone's preference, but I prefer it because it seems fresher. I have visited dispensaries that had dried=out weed. But one negative of the pre-package is that sometimes they may be out of a certain weight of a certain strain.

My experience at dispensaries that had different levels of pricing: The top shelf was the quality I was used to from the Halo, but the prices were higher. The lower-priced strains with prices that rival The Green Halo were of a lower quality. A budtender at one of these places told me to stay away from their cheap strain. I appreciated his honesty.

The edibles alone at The Green Halo are a reason to visit. Monday is their day for great specials on edibles. I found the brownies to be almost too tasty. Their medical gummies are amazing. I had to remind myself these are medicine, not treats.

For those looking for concentrates, Green Halo offers great choices of the highest quality I have found. They assured me that their concentrates are made from the actual bud nuggets.

I appreciate that their concentrates are strain specific, including their cartridges. I have found certain strains to be more effective for certain ailments.

The Green Halo shares a building with a convenience store/gas station. The parking is much easier than some other dispensaries. The building is clean and the waiting room has plenty of seats. The sales room is very organized and does not feel as cluttered as some that I have visited.

The Green Halo may have been the most convenient location for me, but their competitively priced, high-quality medicine is the reason they became my favorite dispensary.

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