My Christmas Wish List

This week, I've decided to use this space to share a couple of items on my Christmas wish list, since a lot of you have asked me what I want for the holidays.

OK, none of you have asked. But still ...

• Grammar and spelling lessons for racists. I've discussed this before in reference to some comments on our website, but it's worth repeating: There's a stunning correlation between being a racist and being unable to string together a coherent sentence. I see this correlation all the time in e-mails and letters I get. I think grammar and spelling lessons would be good for these people, because their views in and of themselves are stupid enough.

• Some new (or better?) drugs for Mayor Bob Walkup. According to the morning daily, Walkup recently declared that the corner of Congress Street and Toole Avenue is "the hottest entertainment spot in the country" during a presentation by the head of the Downtown Tucson Partnership.

Now, I am a huge, huge fan of a lot of the stuff going on downtown and at that specific intersection (which, if you stretch it a little bit, includes Hotel Congress, Maynards Market and Kitchen and the Rialto Theatre). Downtown as a whole has gotten better by leaps and bounds in the eight years that I've called Tucson home, and a lot of great progress is being made there, despite issues with Rio Nuevo and some whining by ignorant naysayers.

But, um, Mayor Bob? Neither that intersection nor downtown as a whole is "the hottest entertainment spot in the country." That's crazy talk. Clinically crazy talk.

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