... music video?: If This TV Could Talk (Self-Released)

In a nutshell, ... music video?'s third album, If This TV Could Talk, is full of electro-pop R&B jams about, naturally, ladies. More specifically, Paul Jenkins, Wes McCanse and J. Lugo Miller have crafted an impeccably-produced collection of songs that are equally listenable in a club setting or a candlelit bathtub. They've traded in the more showy, dark electronic edge of their previous two releases for a slower, groove-oriented style.

The airy rhyming schemes of "No Things Happen for Reasons," "In Case We Catch Fire," and "Beezwax (None of Your)" work well, with the band fully embracing the simplicity of infectious pop lyrics. Jenkins' vocal range is impressive and strong, notably so on the high end. The falsetto he showcases on songs such as "All I Really Know," "Another Natural Disaster," and "Not Worth Your Time" should be the envy of the most widely known pop stars. (I'm looking at you, Timberlake.)

The electronic elements are more sparsely arranged than on previous albums. Layered grooves mingle with mindful inclusions of space, creating room for the listener to enjoy subtle details.

The high point, "You're Not In Love," is the album's outlier in terms of the powerfully delivered, anthemic chorus. Showing off ...music video?'s ability to invoke weighty emotions both lyrically and musically, the song aspires to numb the pain of longing when incompatibility rears its ugly head. It's the band's finest moment to date.

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