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Movie Roundup: Movies Continue to Stream and Play Outdoors at The Loft; a Stunning, Heartbreaking Film Starring Dakota Johnson and Case Affleck Screens at Harkins and Roadhouse Cinemas

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The big movie event in Tucson this week would be The Loft Cinema Sundance Film Festival event featuring Open Air Cinema presentations of this year's festival qualifiers. For more details on that event, go ahead and click right here.

In addition to the festival, The Loft Cinema has their usual weekly offerings of streaming films, one of them highlighted below.

Roadhouse Cinemas and Harkins Tucson are both featuring a fine film (currently available for streaming simultaneous with its theatrical release) starring Dakota Johnson, Casey Affleck and Jason Segal. This one came out of nowhere to wow me, and here's my review.

Film Review: OUR FRIEND
Now playing at Roundhouse Cinemas and Harkins Tucson

Based on a true story first published in an Esquire magazine article, Dakota Johnson, Casey Affleck and Jason Segal wow in a film about love, friendship, death and survival.

Gabriela Cowperthwaite directs what turns out to be a brutally honest, heartbreaking and schmaltz-free examination of a family going through the inevitable loss of their mother and wife (Johnson) to cancer, and the friend (Jason Segal) who puts his own life on the back burner to help through the crisis.

Johnson, a million miles away from her 50 Shades days, is breathtaking as Nicole Teague, a mother of two who is dealing with the horrible disease, married to her sometimes distant (very much due to his traveling journalist job) husband Matt (Affleck). Matt Teague is the one who wrote the article this movie is based on.

Johnson and Affleck make a convincing couple in good times and bad, with both giving performances that rank among the best of their careers. Segal, who has seemingly given up on comedies for the time being, delivers a wonderfully sentimental performance as their dedicated friend who becomes an honorary member of the family when times get bad. He doesn't abandon the situation when things get truly devastating.

It's an ode to bravery in the face of dying, to the truest of loves shared between a couple facing such peril, and the friendships that bind forever. This movie earns its tears in a way that is truthful and heartening.

Now streaming, via the Loft Cinema

Filled with fun practical special effects, lots of gruesome head-ripping, and a surprising amount of heart, Psycho Goreman is the latest genre gem from Canadian writer/director Steven Kostanski (The Void, Manborg, Leprechaun Returns).

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