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Some answers to frequently asked questions:

· I am one of the three lunatics who won't stop bitching about the fact that the Weekly dropped Jim Hightower's column 11 months ago. I attribute the fact that the Weekly dropped the column to a vast, right-wing, corporate conspiracy. Do I need to adjust my medication? Yes. However, it's also your lucky day. Today is the day that Hightower returns to the Weekly on a fairly regular basis. After the election, we looked at ways to watch the miscreants in government all the way to the top, and we discussed adding some sort of "Bush Watch" feature to the paper. We ultimately decided that nobody out there is better at pointing out the miscreants and watching Dubya than Jim Hightower, and so, we brought him back. We're glad to have him.

· Is Tom Danehy nuts? Yes.

· Any interesting issues coming up that we should know about? Yes, by golly. Next week, Feb. 3, we'll be publishing our twice-yearly Yum! dining guide that's chock full of features about eating out and other fine things. And the week after that, on Feb. 10, we're publishing our Sex Issue, just in time for Valentine's Day. Consider yourself warned. (Of course, all issues of the Weekly are deeply interesting, so this is a rather silly question.)

· But aren't all of these silly questions? Good point.

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