Mat Bevel Institute
520 N. Stone Ave.
Tucson's only "kinetic sculptor," Ned Shaeffer (a.k.a. Mat Bevel) considers himself a social artist: "I tell people I'm in the inspiration industry. I said that when I started my bank account, and she made me say something else. But I've realized the importance of what I call social artistry, and creating spectacles of community."

The Mat Bevel Institute is the permanent home to Ned's unique moveable sculptures as well as an event venue hosting everything from avant-garde jazz ensembles to sensual fire extravaganzas and spoken-word performance art.

Nearly every week there is an event hosted at this far-out warehouse on Stone Avenue just north of Sixth Street. It's worth swinging by on the off chance that the door is open and someone is home for an "institute experience" unique to the Naked Pueblo. In Ned's own words, "People of all ages get my stuff because they don't get it. When you walk into my place you can't see anything, and you don't know where it begins or ends."

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