Mondo Tucson (Intro)

The Tucson Weekly's Guide to the Strange

The bar too sordid for the phone book! The fish farm in the desert! The museum of postage stamps! The murder foiled by a hair comb! The county employee who made big bucks from extraterrestrials! The attacking goatsucker! The birthplace of Abstract Expressionism!

Welcome to Tucson, the fruit-and-nut capital of Paradise.

Oh, the city fathers and mothers know how to gussy up the place. The Chamber of Commerce is sure to shake out for you the usual respectable ensemble--the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Flandrau Planetarium and the like. But stitched across the city are pockets of peculiarity holding all sorts of weird wonders. Ready to explore the nether regions of the Naked Pueblo? Here's Mondo Tucson, the Tucson Weekly's guide to the strange!

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