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I bring to the political table a spoken poem for all man kind, a magnum opus hand lettered phonic, in double columns, 112 pages deep, to perform, like old blind Homer, from dusk until dawn, this time around, on whirled wide all channels television, for all the worlds peoples to sea, listen to and be a part of all at once; rivaling Dante, of Divine Comedic fame, with every line a delicate sensible rhyme. My Vehicle for World Peace is a new word order, to initiate a change of course in human history on good ship mother earth. I can accomplish this from the office of president. As a private citizen I cannot. I also have an innovative solution for every prob limb facing our nation.

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Re: “Brewer Vetoes Electronic Billboard Bill

Two in The New York Times today:

I am independent write-in candidate for president. I have posted at least 150 comments but I'm not verified. It's the price I pay as candidate for president. Sense over ship.

I have the best Health Care Plan. We access ourselves two loose pennies out of pocket for every fast food, Walmart Target, supermarket purchase and reward this voluntary gratuity to the bottom end help.

Two voluntary pennies for every item purchased puts a dollar for every hour worked into Medical Assurance Accounts that will cover more than 25 million people.

Out of that weekly Medical Assurance Account $5 goes to Catastrophic Illness Pool. 12 million X 5 X in 6 weeks = $360 million dollars for transplants, heart attacks, baby births, broken legs and preexisting conditions. Outsiders shall be invited to join the pool.

Expect a giant migration from insurance co.'s to my Health cooperative commonly funded by our loose pennies. Given the space I can explain how this program benefits the whole nation with every single person in USA covered at half the projected cost of Obama Care.

Today's essay is the Supreme Coats. I'm 20 days away from submitting my cases that according to an Act of Congress must be heard by the Supreme Coats at the top of their docket.

I have a constitutional right to deliver a nationwide speech on PBS. Besides challenging ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and PBS licenses, I'm representing the speech rights of all American people.




The overwhelming majority of people in this country are independent. More than half acknowledge party membership in one breath and the next state they vote the person not the party.

In both parties the rabid base is narrow in numbers and spirit. People want reasonable solutions, not eye glazing bogus policies.

The two parties' electoral politics is a mix of charades, musical chairs, American Idol and Jeopardy, the contestants auditioning for world leader in two minute time slots.

The country will vote for a decent independent over the party choices and between today and the election there could be a giant upheaval.

I am an independent write-in candidate for president. I say in the event you cannot be bothered learning how to write in my name you don't deserve to have me your leader.

The day does not pass that when I say that write-in comment to someone they fail to ask me for my card. Half the time I don't even have to say what I stand for and the person blurts out, "You've got my vote." Especially when I say 'independent, ' an insight why I always precede my name:

I speak i win


Posted by michaelslevinson on 03/30/2012 at 5:58 AM

Re: “Gonzales Beats Roemer!

My 216 votes came from postings in The New York Times. I have filed papers in Arizona Federal District Court in Phoenix v. the two PBS stations and more. Too bad all you can find time to do is mock my campaign when you should be covering the coming federal court case, but then you weren't really looking for serious people who are actually running for president. You wanted publicity seekers. A joke.

My First Amendment right to deliver a speech is what my court case is about. You don't support that either. Too bad.

Here is my challenge: We do a telephone meeting with the whole staff and I answer every question you ask, about every issue—not policy positions but what we should do as a nation.

http: //michaelslevinson.com

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Posted by michaelslevinson on 03/08/2012 at 7:23 AM

Re: “Sarah Gonzales, Currently Sixth in the Arizona Primary

Everyday I post in moderated columns in The New York Times. Some times they publish, sometimes not. Here is the piece in the hopper responding to Thomas L. Friedman's column:

I am an independent write-in candidate for president, seeking the nomination of both political parties, to present a united face to the world. My approach is above the pay grades of all the other candidates; your pay grade, too.

I bring to the table a Television Scripture, 112 page double column hand lettered prophetic word art, created to perform on whirled wide television, from dusk until dawn, like old blind Homer, rivaling Dante, near every line a delicate sensible rhyme.

In my lexicon World Peace begins with a peaceful night—all the worlds' peoples doing the same thing at the same time—watching a TV show— so the quest yin is: PoetProphet fun to listen to? That you decide for your self upon hearing and seeing the story of Adman and Even in the Gar Den ov Edum, followed by all the ancient stories retold, at the same time the settlement of every turf issue on Good ship Mother Earth.

Do eye have the mixture of words, world orders and word hors d'oeuvres? Of course. Can I settle every issue in the Middle East, with words. Certainly. I need to produce a live TV show with all the American people standing behind me (at least pretending they are behind me) —for purposes of a wag dog TV Show— and then, when every eye ball throughout that part of the world is glued to their TV sets—settle every thing.

Well, as a candidate for president I am in three federal district courts and the judges are not proponents of First Amendment rights.

I speak i win


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Posted by michaelslevinson on 02/29/2012 at 5:32 AM

Re: “Poll: Romney Headed for Landslide in Arizona Presidential Primary

Here is today's The New York Times posting on the Paul Krugman column:

"I am an independent republican write-in candidate for president. My focus is on changing the economic picture in USA. Because we are a world interconnected, life will improve throughout Europe from measures I plan on enacting here.

Lev Plan 1, via Executive Order, U.S. Mortgage Savings Bonds to purchase at reasonable discount every residence in America. Include all commercial properties.

Then home owners use a do-it-yourself- rewrite application online, the mortgages at fixed rate 15-20-25-30 yrs fixed at 4-7% deep ending on credit, this rewrite to Uncle Sam, the mortgage holder.

We divide the mortgages good bad ad ugly evenly to bank branches in the same zip codes for servicing—make your payment at the branch. We let the branches hold 12 payments to loan out to small businesses in the zip-hoods, but the interest on 60 million home mortgages goes to D.C. every month.

The spread between 2% Mortgage Savings Bonds, and the mortgages, average 5%— the spread on 60 million mortgages a month goes to retire our national debt.

Every homeowner and family old enough to vote will vote Lev plan.

Plan 2, nationalize, for National Security reasons, all the oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico. The BP blowout tapped into a deep sea seam of oil that runs the girth of the planet—the same unending supply as in Saudi Arabia. The same oil!

We use the proceeds to clean the Gulf, pay residential taxes, and free education, for starters.

I speak i win. Europe, too"


Too bad the Tucson Weekly does not support my First Amendment right to speak— this paper ignored the giant issue

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Posted by michaelslevinson on 02/27/2012 at 6:10 AM

Re: “Babeu Outing Front and Center in First of Three AZ Presidential Debates. All Eyes on Tonight's Debate As Candidates Seek Breakthrough

Thanks for letting me know about your debate in advance. (Sarcasm) I might have flown in, but I'm not welcome to be on your stage and with my giant sense of words, world orders and word hors d'oeuvres the gang would have been over shadowed every buddy. Well I am very busy working on my U.S. Supreme Court brief.


Posted by michaelslevinson on 02/21/2012 at 6:02 AM

Re: “New Poll Confirms Santorum Closing Gap With Romney Among AZ Voters

Neither Romney or Santorum is a leader. Neither inspires. My discrimination complaint v. the two PBS stations is in Federal District Court in Phoenix. Sadly this noose paper ignores that as it is a story. I just posted the following at The Houston Chronicle, responding to an editorial:

I am an independent write-in candidate for president and i have a much better idea: We personally access ourselves a VOLUNTARY two penny per item on all that crosses the counter in every fast food place, target, Kmart, Walmart and every super market in USA, as gratuity for lower echelon, mostly healthy workers. Burger fries and a drink = 6 cents.

In the supermarket, 40 items is likely close to $150 dollars. Will another 80 cents be so bad?

At the end of the week the extra pennies VOLUNTARILY added to the bill as gratuity is divided by the hours worked so one dollar goes into a Medical Assurance Savings Account, or more, and one dollar an hour into the pay envelope - raise. Overage to the Medical Assurance Account that goes with the worker when they move on to another job.

12 million min wage workers will have Medical Assurance Savings Accounts. A worker comes home. His mom, kid sister or significant other is under the weather. He takes her to the Dr. and treatment comes out of his Medical debit card, so actually 25-30 million people have access and the Dr.'s and dentists do not have to negotiate with insurance co.'s so their prices become competitive because they are instantly paid!

5 dollars a week is set aside for the Catastrophic Insurance Pool so after six weeks there is 360 million dollars in the pool. People with preexisting conditions will be invited to join the pool. Liver going bad? Need a transplant? The money comes from the Catastrophic Pool, not your Medical Assurance Savings Account.

We tell Dr.s and dentists they can do $50,000 a year in "charity" work. They take the 50K off the top of their income, and then, after all of their deductions, an additional 25K off the bottom line. Their goal: Freedom of Income tax.

Every med professional will have a sign out side: No insurance? I'm here. Walk ins welcome. That ends Emergency rooms being used as Dr. offices. The long term answer is free med education for Dr.'s dentists, nurses and all med personal. The payback interest free over 40 years with $5000 a year doing Medicaid.

My program covers the whole country with a one line change in the tax code, at half the projected cost of Obama and the Congress' plan. Mine = Medical Assurance. Theirs = Medical Insurance.

I speak i win


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Posted by michaelslevinson on 02/21/2012 at 5:53 AM
Posted by michaelslevinson on 02/20/2012 at 9:27 AM

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