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Stephanie Ann Stevens, 47, refers to herself as a "spiritual visionary." In other words, she claims to be able to contact spirits, both of the living and the dead. The North Carolina native, who has lived in Tucson since 1988, offers individual readings and seminars; she's also working on a book. Influenced by the work of famous psychic Edgar Cayce, she claims she "was just born this way" and that she's been doing work as a clairvoyant since the age of 21. She's also worked as a Christian contemporary singer. In a wide-ranging session with Jimmy Boegle and Irene Messina, Stevens made predictions about many things that are going to happen to the country, to Tucson and to us individually. While much of what she said isn't printed here--some predictions about Boegle and Messina were quite personal, and she even had a vision of a serious health problem for a local politician--here's some of the session that is publishable.

How, exactly, did you get this "gift"?

My parents introduced me to meditation at 6 years old. At the age of 3, I was able to turn on the sound of Om in my head, which is a healing force. I send it out to the audience during seminars. Some people who would be considered renowned ... metaphysical types ... my mother took me to them when I was about 8. It was just a natural thing. The music, all that creative force--it provides a fertile ground.

What you see during a psychic reading?

Everything. I use all my senses. It becomes a complete, 3-D thing. If there's a place, I can go there. I tell this in seminars: I was born with three nostrils. The other thing is there is no limit. In other words, say someone passed on by suicide within the last months. I can feel it. It's so manifested that I can feel them. I follow in the footsteps of Edgar Cayce. I think it's just a really high spiritual transmission. ... It's about helping people.

Do you have any predictions?

Yes. Jimmy, you're going to be getting married, but it's not going to be until next year. There's a union forming; there doesn't have to be a regular ceremony or anything.


We're going to see a lot of civil war here in our own state--several skirmishes and unrest. In July ... we're not done with Iraq, and we're going to have another confrontation of a kind. There will be another invasion in August, penetrating Syrian borders.

Do you ever make predictions about yourself?

All the time. My angel writings came and led me to the next step of my career. It's going in a different direction. It's headed toward a validity-type thing. We draw some pretty big crowds at our seminars.

When we were chatting earlier, you said that what you do isn't from the psychic realm, but the spiritual realm. What does that mean?

The thoughts of man equal the psychic realm. ... What makes it spiritual is that it helps people in such a profound way. ... I pray and minister to them, and it becomes obvious that there's divine help coming in. I remember praying one time, and the Virgin Mary was next to me with some helpers.

What's your impression of Tucson and the energy here?

It's becoming a healing center of sorts. We have enough people who feel drawn here. I think we're seeing much more of a pilgrimage-type thing, with people saying they wanted to come here. Something calls people here.

Any other predictions?

The pope will be passing soon. ... The next pope coming is a very different person. It's ominous. He wasn't a friendly looking person. He will shake up the Church. There's a possibility of bioterror in 2004, particularly in Washington, D.C. I see medical things being tampered with--terrorists posing as doctors. You know how they did it with planes; it's almost as easy to get a medical degree. We'll be hit again. We can't be complacent, and we are being complacent.

Interesting. Do you see anything coming for The Weekly?

I see continued expansion. I wouldn't be surprised if (the current office space) is temporary. I see more change.

One final question: Is John Edward legit?

Yes. It's interesting that you ask that, because someone recently asked that at a seminar. Yes, he is legit.

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