Think Arizona sucks? Residents of the other 49 states feel the same way about their own homes

I recently came across a blog focusing on "the real truth about Arizona, its people, and its failing economy." The blog is aptly named "Arizona Sucks" (

There are plenty of negative comments about living here. Topics include the economy, jobs, real estate, immigration, bad drivers, weather and so forth. The blog writer apparently lives in the Phoenix area and hates it. He/she predicts: "You will encounter a part of all that has gone wrong with humankind in every aspect of your life in Arizona."

A post from March raises the query: "Is it really the same everywhere else?" The blogger emphatically says no.

"Anyone who really believes that the problems we are experiencing in Arizona are 'the same as everywhere else' either has never left the state of Arizona, has been stuck here so long that the heat has left them with no rational thought left, or is just ignorant to what is really going on around them."

I started to wonder ... do other people hate their states as much? After perusing a variety of websites, blogs and Facebook pages similar to Arizona Sucks, the answer is yes (although Montana appears to be an exception of sorts).

In alphabetical order, here's a sampling:

Alaska (Facebook, "Dude, Alaska Sucks"): Here's a blunt slogan: "WTF's with Alaska? Give it back to Russia." Unpopular politicians are listed, as is Sarah Palin: "Oh, I almost forgot about Sarah Palin, but I guess that's OK, since history's going to do just that: forget about her."

Colorado (Facebook, "Colorado Sucks"): This page displays a cartoon character peeing on a photo of Colorado. Under the "about" heading, there's a dismal assessment: "Colorado has ruined many lives."

Indiana ( The creator of this site (Latrina) is giving back to the community: "This is a sight (sic) created as a public service to inform you of all the suckiness and moronitude that is Indiana." I always wondered what a Hoosier was. Latrina attempts to answer: "Nobody knows, or if they do, don't expect a straight answer. It could be an early form of 'hoosier daddy?' Some scholars maintain it means in-breeder, others insist it means block headed. Don't think that you will be the one person who answers this question."

Iowa (Facebook, "Iowa Sucks"): There's a play on the Vegas motto: "What happens in Iowa ... sucks." And if you were wondering what there is to do in Iowa, the top answer is to watch grass grow.

Maine (Facebook, "Why Maine Sucks"): This page includes a mocked-up highway sign: "Welcome to Maine—The way life should be (if you're an inbred hick)." Apparently in Maine, you will be pulled over for looking young.

Minnesota ( There's a bit of scientific thinking here: "Minnesota also has too many old people. Old people smell, therefore Minnesota smells ... pure logic." There's also a list of tips on how to help Minnesota be a better state. One suggestion is "splitting the paychecks of all Minnesota weatherpersons with the rest of the residents. ... Most of the people in this state could just as easily say, 'It's going to be cold for nine months.'"

Montana ( Props to this site for its creativity: The whole site is designed to make tourists think that Montana sucks, so they don't discover the state's wonders. Smokey Bear—wearing a "sucks" hat and holding a shovel that reads "MT sucks"—points his finger and says, "Only You Can Prevent Tourist Tires."

Pennsylvania ( "It's a blue-haired old-woman state devoid of help, compassion and tolerance." Even the insects don't like it there: "Pennsylvania is a decaying carcass from which even the maggots are fleeing."

Rhode Island (Facebook, "I Hate Rhode Island: Rhode Island Sucks"): This could be on a tourism brochure: "Welcome to Rhode Island, where we worship mediocrity. Enjoy your stay, which won't be long."

Texas ( A play on the famous Texan motto: "Please mess with Texas!" There's also a handy Top 10 list of "Things I won't miss about Texas." No. 1 is: "Texas bravado: As dumb as the state is big."

I couldn't help but laugh at what I found. While it's sad that so many residents of their respective states are unhappy, it's like they say ... the grass is always greener.

Of course, here in the desert, that's one motto we can't use.

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