Mensa mini-quiz

Find out if you are Mensa material by accepting the challenge of this mini-quiz. These questions, developed by psychologist and quiz book author Abbie Salny, are similar to those administered in the actual admissions test.

Seriously interested potential members may want to practice online with The Mensa Workout or the American Mensa Mind Challenge at Online tests are good only for personal reference; an actual proctored test ($30) must be administered to officially qualify for membership. A passing score and another payment for annual dues ($49) gets you a membership card attesting to the fact that you are a bona fide smart person.

Make that a "smarter-than-average" person.

1. The following breeds of horses or ponies have had letters omitted. Fill in the letters.

P __ __ O __ __ __ O
__ P __ A __ __ O __ A
S __ __ T __ __ __ __

2. Following the pattern shown in the number sequence below, fill in the missing number.

1 8 27 __ 125 216

3. What is the word that means the same as the definitions below?

A possibly neglectful act of omission
The act of supervision

4. Jane runs up a 3-mile hill at 3mph and down the hill at 6mph. What is her average speed?

5. What is the number that is one-tenth of one-half of one-fifth of one-fifth of 6,000?

6. Each number shown has a certain rule. Figure out the rule and fill in the missing number.

January 20
April 10
May 5
November 15
July __

7. When they are unscrambled, which of the following words is the odd man out?


8. What word best completes the following series?

Apple, boxes, cherry, _________, eggplant
A. pair
B. plum
C. dogwood
D. potato

9. You have the same number of nickels, dimes and half-dollars. You have a total of $5.20. How many of each coin do you have?

10. What is the 11-letter word that all smart people spell incorrectly?

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