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Joan Lee is trimming her workload at KOLD TV 13. For viewers, that means they won't see her on a consistent basis breaking down traffic flow issues in preparation for their work commute.

Lee has two positions at the station. In addition to her on-air duties as morning traffic reporter, Lee occupies a sales position with the station.

"I'm still at KOLD, just not working 15 hours a day anymore," said Lee via Facebook. "I'll fill in for traffic from time to time."

KOLD has hired Sasha Loftis to replace Lee on the traffic desk. Loftis graduated from Sabino High School and the UA and worked as an assignment editor at KGUN TV 9.


Steve Pope was named General Manager of 10/13 Communications Arizona division last week. 10/13 operates neighborhood-based newspaper properties throughout the Phoenix suburbs in addition to owning and operating The Explorer, which covers happenings in Marana and Oro Valley.

Pope leaves his role as Chief Operating Officer for Huckle Communications and will begin duties for 10/13 in April. Huckle is a neighborhood and specialty newspaper publication based in Minnesota.


Journalism can be a tough profession for those who toil in it, and just as tough for aspiring professionals attempting to enhance their credentials. Such is the case for a former Tucson Weekly and Arizona Daily Star intern who has been accepted into the VII Student Program in Cambodia.

The issue: now UA journalism graduate Noelle Haro-Gomez has to figure out how to get there. She has undertaken an online fundraising push in an effort to make the opportunity a reality.

This from Tucson Weekly staff writer Mari Herreras, who mentioned the fundraising drive on a post on The Range, the Tucson Weekly's online presence.

"(T)he program will provide Haro-Gomez with an experience that will undoubtedly shape her life and work to come. She should be proud that she got accepted, but paying for this experience is another challenge altogether.

"Haro-Gomez deserves whatever support you can throw her way. I've watched this young woman work her tail off in the classroom, then hustle during her internships with us and the Arizona Daily Star and hustle for every freelance opportunity she could get. At the same time, she's been working as a food server for a local restaurant to pay her school tuition, rent and living expenses. Right now she's in Pennsylvania, working as an intern photographer for the Public Opinion, the daily in Chambersburg, Penn. (Her boss at the local establishment where she serves food loves her so much they told her she has her job when she get's back from Pennsylvania and I'm sure they will tell her the same when she heads off to Cambodia. To me, that demonstrates what a hard worker she is.)"

Haro-Gomez is hoping to raise $4,655 as part of her campaign.

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