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Raguse Anchors Tucson's Newest Newscast

As KMSB Channel 11 moved toward the complete localization of its news product after a summer of rotating anchors from Phoenix, some of the station's viewers may have wondered: Who is this guy standing in front of a TV and reading me the news?

That new guy would be Lou Raguse, a 27-year-old graduate of the University of Minnesota with prior reporting experience in Sioux Falls, S.D.

Coming from Sioux Falls to Tucson seems a long way to go for a career bump, but Raguse made a connection with KMSB managing editor Bob Richardson during his college days, and that contact paid dividends.

"Bob and I kind of stayed in contact over the last three years," said Raguse. "I was starting to look for the next opportunity, contacted Bob, and he let me know about this job."

Raguse has spent the summer getting used to the typical issues that face Tucson newcomers, most notably the hot and dry weather--but he was caught off guard by the area's monsoons.

"I didn't expect the monsoons to be as intense," Raguse said. "One of my first nights, I was driving home and got caught in one. The intersection was flooded. I called back home and told people I was caught in a thunderstorm. People in the Midwest have a different view of the desert."

Raguse isn't the only one getting used to a new situation; the entire news operation is. KMSB has suffered through its share of growing pains during the first two months, although the issues that plagued the program early on now appear to be happening on a less-frequent basis.

"We all knew we weren't going to jump in and not have problems," Raguse said. "We're a lot further along now than we were that first night."

This is Raguse's first stint behind the anchor desk--or, more accurately, his first stint standing in front of the TV, since KMSB has opted for a minimalist studio approach when it comes to furniture. Raguse expects to return to the more familiar territory of contributing reports as his comfort zone expands.

"I'll be reporting several days a week. I'll be out hopefully every day. That's my primary passion, getting out and knowing people," Raguse said. "Things are moving fast. It's an honor to be here."

ARIZONA'S FIRST ALL-AFRICAN-AMERICAN NEWSCAST? Some Media Watch readers have pointed out KMSB's all-African-American weekend news team. It's hard to verify, but it's possible that the grouping of anchor Deanna Morgan, sportscaster Brandon Nash and Phoenix weather personality Brittney Shipp (KMSB still pipes in its weather from the Valley) is the first all-black on-air crew in the state. It's probably a safe bet that it's a first for Tucson.

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