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'Star' Nabs Rico from 'Citizen'


Tucson Citizen business editor Gabriela Rico is crossing the hall at the Tucson Newspapers compound. She will join the business staff at the Arizona Daily Star beginning June 4, where she will cover cross-border commerce and economic development. She'll have a significant online presence as well.

Other than a recent 18-month stay in Salem, Ore., Rico has spent much of her journalism career in Tucson.


At a time of the year when many make the exodus from Tucson, Jenny Anchondo decided it was time to embrace the heat.

"I've probably had this conversation 100 times since I moved here," said Anchondo, who has been teamed with Bud Foster on the KOLD Channel 13 morning news program. "I say, 'I love the weather and love the heat,' and they say, 'Yeah, but you haven't been through a summer yet.' That's what I'm saying: I like it. I love the heat, and it's a different kind of beauty here."

Anchondo made the move to the local CBS affiliate after spending time at a station in her native Idaho.

"I've explored Sabino Canyon. I visited the (Arizona-Sonora) Desert Museum. I've been getting a lot of exploring in," said Anchondo.

The scenery isn't the only difference: This is Anchondo's first job as a morning anchor. The informality of the morning approach lends itself to more ad-libbing opportunities than those presented in newscasts throughout the rest of the day.

"I've always wanted to work on a morning show," Anchondo said. "I know, most people think I'm crazy. It's not as scripted as the other newscasts. The morning show is hopefully the first thing (viewers) will see when they wake up--see what happened overnight, see what they have to look forward to during the day, see what they need to make sure to tune into later in the day. I think the morning show is where it's at."

For Anchondo, where it's at is KOLD.

"I've had so much fun. It's one of those cheesy things where you say, 'It doesn't feel like work.' I wake up at 2 a.m., and I don't hate it. These are the people I want to work with, and look forward to working with.


Joel Waldman is migrating west to handle news reporting duties for the local ABC affiliate, KGUN Channel 9. It's his first foray this side of the Mississippi.

"He's a good guy. I like the fact he's been in some diverse markets," said news director Lena Sadiwskyj. "He did business reporting in New York and Chicago and went to West Palm Beach and Miami as a reporter. He comes with good experience."

Waldman will start June 11.

Meanwhile, reporter Stephanie Sanchez concluded her time with KGUN earlier this month. She is returning to her native Southern California. Jenny Rose replaces Sanchez in the morning reporting slot.

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