Media Watch

'Star' Takes Hard Line on Avoidable Errors

As reported in the Sept. 21 Media Watch ("If to Err Is Human, the Star Is More Human Than Ever"), the Arizona Daily Star has been upset with the amount of activity on page A2, the location where it places corrections. Editors had hoped to dramatically limit mistakes during the second half of the year, but efforts implemented to achieve those goals were not being utilized, according to an internal memo obtained by the Tucson Weekly.

In that memo, managing editor Teri Hayt says the offenders will take a hit in their bank account if specific errors continue.

"In 2005, we established that three categories of errors are unforgivable," said Hayt in the memo. "Those categories are wrong URLs or e-mail addresses, wrong phone numbers and misspelled names. We have processes in place that if used will avoid making these kinds of errors. The problem is that we are not using these procedures. We've had two wrong numbers in the last two weeks. This is inexcusable. Effective immediately any journalist responsible for a wrong phone number will serve a one-day suspension without pay."

The Star had hoped to trim errors by 25 percent from the last six months when compared to the first six months of 2006.

In an e-mail statement to the Weekly, Hayt responded: "Maintaining credibility is crucial to being a successful newspaper. Nothing is more important in accomplishing that goal than accurate reporting."


Longtime Tucson talk show fixture John C. Scott is taking his show on the road, this time for a five-show stint in Israel. His broadcasts started Nov. 28 and will continue weekdays through Dec. 4.

This is Scott's second radio trip to Israel. He broadcast his show from there in May 2005.

The program airs from 3 to 5 p.m. weekdays on KJLL AM 1330 "The Jolt."


Renowned defense attorney F. Lee Bailey handled radio color commentary during two periods of the Icecats' home opener against Arizona State University.

"F. Lee Bailey is this year's honorary captain. He's among coach's list of celebrity buddies," said Brian Baltosiewich, who enters his 10th year as part of the Icecats play-by-play team. The Icecats coach is Leo Golembiewski.

Past Icecat honorary captains include Don Rickles, Willie Nelson and Robert Loggia.

"(Bailey) knows the game of hockey real well," Baltosiewich said. "He used to play hockey, so I asked him what position he played. He said, 'I was a forward.' 'Really. I would have thought for sure you played defense.'"

Home games are broadcast on KFFN 1490 AM "The Fan."