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Contract Binds 1290 to Late-Season Baseball Coverage

Last week's column discussed decisions made by television outlets regarding coverage of the UA softball team's seventh national title in Oklahoma City, but KCUB AM 1290 The Source passed on possible radio coverage opportunities, too.

The weekend prior to the NCAA Women's College World Series, The Source, the flagship station for Arizona sports (and my employer during the local portions of the football and men's basketball pregame and postgame shows), broadcast a regular-season baseball series instead of the softball team's super regional playoff matchup at home against Louisiana State University.

"We contractually are obligated to 30 baseball games and 10 softball games," said Brent A. Seebohm, the general manager for Host Communications Wildcat Sports Properties, the handler of the UA sports contract. "We set that schedule in January. It is a stretch to get 30 baseball games and 10 softball games in. We have an obligation to the university and to broadcast partners to have that quantity of baseball games."

Seebohm says there were never discussions with the UA to change the schedule, even when it was apparent the baseball team was struggling while softball was ranked among the top three nationally most of the year.

"We wanted to fulfill the contract for the baseball season regardless of the standings," Seebohm said.

KCUB was also without a presence during the Women's College World Series in Oklahoma City. That is not as unusual, but there have been occasions when the local Wildcat sports carrier has pursued syndicated options.

"That's something in future years we may plan toward, but if we do that, we'd rather send our own talent to broadcast those games versus subscribing to a national radio broadcast that may not have the same caliber we want on the air representing the Wildcats," Seebohm said.


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