Marriage on the Mind

The topic of weddings and blessed unions is certainly in the air this week.

First, on a wonderful note, congratulations are in order. Jim Nintzel, The Weekly's veteran writer, is getting hitched. By the time next week's paper hits the streets, he'll be a married man and on his honeymoon. Congratulations also to his wife-to-be, Jennifer Hard, who must be some sort of saint to put up with Jim all these years.

Second, did you know this is a "special" week? This week, as supported by President George W. Bush, is "Marriage Protection Week." Pushed by all sorts of sensible folks like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, the point of this "special" week is to serve as a reminder that, gosh darn it, marriage needs to be protected as an institution between one man and one woman, period.

It's good to know that in between giving tax breaks to the rich, taking away our rights, running up the deficit and "managing" the debacle in Iraq, our president has time to sign proclamations with no other purpose than to give the middle finger to the estimated 10 percent or so of LGBT Americans. After all, marriage is already federally defined as being a hetero-only deal, so what else is the point of such a proclamation?

Good to know our country's in good, competent, loving hands.

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