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Fans of Rincon Market may soon have their gourmet bodega back.

Fans of Rincon Market may soon have their gourmet bodega back. In spite of being locked out of the building, market owner Peter Wilke said, "This is essentially an ongoing negotiation."

Last week, Tucson's food-loving social media pundits exploded with sadness and confusion after learning the beloved grocery store—a fixture in the Historic Sam Hughes Neighborhood since 1926—closed over non-payment of rent. A lock-out notice posted the market's door served as an inanimate envoy of the landlord, Monforte, L.L.C.

Wilke declined to comment further about the negotiations and requests for comment from the landlord remain unanswered.

Wilke, who also owns Time Market on University Boulevard, acquired Rincon Market in Spring 2018. The owner said he hopes to have Time Market reopened by the end of the week. Both Time Market and Rincon Market closed in March, adhering to Gov. Doug Ducey's executive order to combat the coronavirus pandemic. While Ducey lifted the order on May 12, Wilke's markets have remained closed with no set reopening date, he said.

Let's hope the negotiations go well—Rincon Market had the freshest seafood and one of the most exquisite salad bars in the Old Pueblo.

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