Manic Tuesday

You ever have one of those days when Murphy's Law sneaks up and bites you in the ass?

As far as I am concerned, our Tuesday deadline day this week was one of those days.

First, the assistant editor called in sick, sort of. Make no mistake: She's under the weather. By "sort of," I mean that she didn't come in to the office, although she performed all of the assistant-editor duties that she could from home (handling the club listings and film times, etc.). However, she also normally takes the final look at page proofs, something she can't really do from home.


Then after a mid-morning meeting, I intended to dive back into copy editing/fact-checking—only to find out the Internet was down.


Later, our Internet access returned to normal. I started catching up on copy. Life was getting better.

And that's when promoter/dad/generally cool dude Jeb Schoonover called to tell me that Digitour organizers had cancelled the appearance at the Rialto Theatre during Club Crawl®—and that, therefore, we needed to make some pretty damn major on-the-fly changes to the Club Crawl® program, which at that point was supposedly pretty much completed.


(I am not trying to censor any swear words with these symbols. I was so frustrated at that point that I started muttering incomprehensibly, and "$@&*#@$#!" sums up incomprehensible mumbling as well as any other text does.)

But now, toward the end of the day, as I write this, things are coming together. I think we have a handle on this goshdarned issue. And there's even a pretty damn fine all-new lineup at the Rialto for Club Crawl®.

In the highly unlikely event that we messed up anything in all of the chaos ... well, blame that jerk Murphy.

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