Restaurants, be on watch!; Reactions to the Zimmerman verdict

Restaurants, Get Better!

I hope the restaurateurs of Tucson are paying attention. Garnering trust and building a loyal following is vital to any healthy business, but none more so than who serves you your food. As a resident for thirty-three years, I have come to deeply appreciate and delight in Tucson's eclectic cuisine options. But I was dismayed and disheartened to recently learn about a favorite Thai restaurant near Grant and Campbell that failed its health inspection in such a way as to dissuade me from ever eating there again. Three co-workers and I would regularly order delectable dishes from that establishment, but no longer. How does a restaurant regain the trust of its customers? Apparently not easily or quickly, and sometimes not at all. I will miss those meals and will have to find good Thai food at one of the other wonderful restaurants in town that do a better job at cleanliness and maintaining appropriate sanitary conditions. Restaurateurs, take note. Tucsonans will not stand for egregious business practices when it comes to our appetites. Do a good job, and we will return. Thank you, and happy eating!

Todd K. Robinson

How Did We Wade Into Zimmerman Mess?

I am surprised that you printed Susan Thorpe's ignorant statement about George Zimmerman (Mailbag, July 25). Although Zimmerman was tried by the media and convicted of racism before the full story was even known, the facts state otherwise.


Zimmerman campaigned for Obama.

He has black family members and ancestors.

He took a black woman to Prom.

He mentored young black males.

He fought for justice for a homeless black man who was beaten by a white man.   

He went into business with a black partner.

He no doubt would have been convicted of manslaughter, had the prosecution not tried to make a racially-based case out of the shooting.  Letters and attitudes like Ms. Thorpe's only serve to deepen the racial divide in our country. 

Stephanie Baumann

As I understand it "Stand your ground" means just that.  One does not have to run away.  One can just stand right there and defend one's self.  Isn't that what Trayvon Martin did when he confronted the strange man stalking him?  Isn't that what George Zimmerman did when confronted by the man he was stalking?  Zimmerman had a gun, though, and that gun made all the difference.  Without that gun that night, none of this would have happened and these two young men would be going about their lives today instead of being headlines.  All hail the armed citizen patrolling the darkened sidewalks of Florida.

David P. Kelly

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