Thank you for the interesting remembrance of Ira Andrews by Tom Danehy (June 20). He certainly was a star as a low-key salesman. I was especially moved by the reaction of coach Gridley when teammate Maxwell was told at the Douglas hotel that he couldn't eat there with the team. The plight of the black community in Tucson and the rest of Arizona before equal civil rights were finally enacted was sad.

The entire June 20th edition was great. The information about TUSD's new superintendent was enlightening and worrisome.

—Sue Girardeau


I read your column, Mr. Smith, ("Smith Smacks His Head," Medical MJ, June 13) and was surprised to see that you call yourself a journalist. Journalists present both sides, remaining neutral without the prejudice of their opinion. You wrote a column (your opinion) and smoke cannabis daily. Nobody cares that some pothead has an opinion about other potheads not giving medical marijuana the respect it deserves.

—Claire Hendrickson

So J. M. Smith thinks "Cannabis has undoubtedly killed many, many, many people." Where are the bodies buried? Whose autopsy report listed cannabis consumption as the cause of death?"

Cannabis contains no nicotine. Why is this important? Because nicotine is the primary cancer SPREADING ingredient of tobacco.

If you are a male over the age of 60 the chances are that you already have prostate cancer and you will die with prostate cancer but not from it. Millions of men die with prostate cancer but not from it.

—Kirk Muse


Wow! Somehow the estimated 400 jobs that Rosemont has "projected" has turned into 2000+ direct and indirect jobs! If this is one of the facts written here, then one has to question the worthiness of the entire commentary ("Tucson City Council gets an 'F' in common sense and courage," Guest Commentary, June 20). 

Get out of the city limits and ask people who live near the Santa Rita Mountains how they feel about the prospect of their ground water being poisoned. Their beloved mountains being destroyed, not just on the east side, but on the west, facing Green Valley as they have hinted. 

Talk to the environmentalists, and just the people who care about the environment (you know, the people you despise) about having endangered species, which live only in that ecosystem, extinguished.

Talk to the people who DO have jobs already in the area, in the tourism field, who will lose them. The same people who are seeking to develop this copper mine developed one in Italy under a different company name. They left the area in shambles. Like a hit and run accident. The community hemorrhaging. 

I want to thank the Tucson City Council for not bending to the will of a big money Canadian corporation and standing up for the little guys down here who are fighting the good fight to save our water, our air, our ecosystems, our roads, our property values, our economy (we depend on tourism and snowbirds) and our mountains. user "Crinkster"

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