Tucsonweekly.com Commenters Chime In On Our 100 Essential Dishes Feature (March 28)

"100 things on this list and the only thing you mention from Rocco's is some vegan bullshit at the very end? Everyone ignore these novices and get the wings."


"El Charro is where hotels send tourists. Which means: STAY AWAY. You want *real*, authentic carne seca? Go to South Tucson."

—Alex Gutiérrez 

"Mother Hubbard's Green Corn Waffle is my essential Tucson dish!!!! Disappointed they don't get a mention."


"Lucky Wishbone garlic toast? Are you kidding??"

—No Taste

"While I do love almost everything on The Cup menu, I prefer the Tofu Scramble at Blue Willow, preferably on the patio, and I agree with Susan that Mother Hubbard's Green Corn Waffle w/ green chilies is a quintessential Tucson breakfast. Speaking of breakfasts, I also love Ghini's Eggs Provencale, and I would really miss Adventure Coffee's Full Moon Blend.

Other favorites: the chocolate Babka and sandwiches at Beyond Bread, anything on Feast's ever changing menus, especially the chocolate truffle cookies, and my dogs and I can't let a weekend go by without a stop at Coffee Times drive thru for Chai Tea Latte and dog biscuits ... they are such nice people."


"Lovin Spoonfuls has lots of deelish vegan food ... and pastries and cookies yum hasn't anyone ever eaten there?"

—Sat Bir Kaur

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