Some People Didn't Like Last Week's Cover Subject

I am writing to you about Casey Dewey's recent piece on Isaiah Toothtaker. While Mr. Dewey did an excellent job framing his hesitations and fears about interviewing Mr. Camacho, I still think giving a man of this ill repute and deserving notoriety the Tucson Weekly's cover was a big mistake.

I moved to New York last year for graduate school but still read TW online every single week, eager to check in on my city and community that I now view as my home and family. While Mr. Dewey's disclaimers were welcome and important, I must comment that giving this type of acclaim without having a corresponding piece from the people who were victims of this coward was a misstep not easily overseen.

Mr. Camacho was right that his violent reputation "stems from a lot of violent reactions." He further stated that "I haven't done a lot of fucked-up shit to a lot of nice people—I did fucked-up shit to fucked-up people. I'm not a bully, I don't go around blowing people up." So when this man harassed, threatened, and assaulted two women recently, I have to ask myself who the real "bully" is. Take accountability for your actions, Mr. Camacho, as cowering and spineless as they may be.

When Mr. Camacho further bragged about his past experiences by thanking his defense attorney "for keeping me out of jail," I was disgusted. In a city recently marred by one of the most violent events in recent American history, giving valuable exposure to Isaiah Toothtaker is akin to lauding Jan Brewer after SB1070 garnered her such tremendous media attention. I don't want this type of person to represent my city neither musically nor personally. Save that honor for more deserving acts like Taraf de Tucson or Holy Rolling Empire, Matt Heinz or Terry Goddard.

Tucson is my home, Tucson is my family, and Tucson is where my heart will always be. Lauding such undeserving, vicious criminals in such an important piece of Tucson culture was a mistake and one I am sad to see.

Disappointed in your decision,

Christin Gilmer