Horses Aren't the Problem, Animals Are

Last week, food safety officials in United Kingdom, France, and Sweden found traces of horse meat in ground beef sold across Europe. Massive recalls and lawsuits are ensuing.

Can it happen here? Horse slaughter for human consumption was banned in the U.S. between 2007 and 2011. But now, a New Mexico slaughterhouse is getting approved by U.S. authorities to slaughter horses for human consumption, and a Philadelphia restaurant has already announced plans to serve horse meat.

I marvel at our hypocrisy of rejecting the notion of horse or dog meat on our dinner plates, while condemning cows, pigs, and chickens to the same fate. Obviously, we have established special relationships with horses and dogs as our companions, protectors, and sports protagonists, rather than as food. But where is the ethical and logical distinction, given that all these animals are endowed by individuality, sentience, and an ability to experience the same feelings of joy, affection, sadness, and fear that we do?

Fortunately, our health food industry has spared us from having to choose which animals to pet and which ones to eat. Their delicious soy and grain-based meat alternatives are available in every supermarket.

Tyson Dasher

Someone Finally Stands Up On Behalf Of Fencing (The Sport, Not the Crime)

Pleasepleaseplease: Don't forget Tucson's fencers. (Pedersen on Sports, Feb. 28) If the U of A dreams of being a class-act in the sports world, fencing is a must. It's not popular with Mormons, so we're no-doubt doomed to obscurity. We had the national championships here in 1973 and by god, we can do it again, and again. commenter "mrblutarsky"


In our story "Super-Change Agent," Feb. 21, 2013, about UA Institute of LGBT Studies executive director Susan Stryker, we regret we didn't provide full credit on several of Stryker's projects. Stryker co-directed the film Screaming Queens:The Riot at Compton's Cafeteria with Victor Silverman; co-edited The Transgender Studies Reader with Stephen Whittle; co-edited The Transgender Studies Reader 2 with Aren Aizura; and co-authored Gay by the Bay: A History of Queer Culture in the San Francisco Bay Area with Jim Van Buskirk.

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