These Are The Sort Of Trollish Comments That Will Get You Banned From Commenting On The Range (If You Have Nothing Else Useful To Say)

"Yawn.... what a boring food scene Tucson has. Its a joke."

"I am from a lot of places. All of them with better food. I realize that you have to justify your job but come on.How many taco places can you review? I love a good taco but its all essentially the same menu and preparations.Is the orange cheese brighter here?"

"Cafe Poca Cosa isnt authentic or any good for that matter. Anyway, its one place. You didnt mention where all of the other things could be found. Other than a couple of places that make tortillas."

"Hersheys syrup with cumin isnt mole by the way."

"Rita, if you keep digging we will discuss "authentic" Chinese food. Panda Express isnt it."

by "Bobbylou" ("Sit Down on 12th," Chow, Feb. 7)

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