To the Weekly, I'll keep this short since I'm sure you will be getting a big response about dropping the movie listings from the paper. No one in the public thinks that is a good idea, but most don't want to bother writing you about it. The listings are probably the No. 1 reason to pick up your paper, as I have for the last 20 years. This is a real BONEHEADED move you have made. As far as making room in your paper, I can provide a list of many other things to remove than the movie times. Let me know if I can help in that regard. I expect you will come to your senses soon and return the list to their rightful place. Thank you. —Aubry Hemingway

I am a long time reader of the Tucson Weekly and am not happy with one of the changes you made: the deletion of the movie times. One of the reasons I read the Weekly is to check the movie reviews and the movie times. I am not happy at all that they are gone. Please put them back into the paper.

—Elise L. Hesser

I'm pretty sure I haven't looked for movie times in print since the '80s. Even in the '90s, we just called the theater. Funny thing, I never even noticed movie times in the Weekly. I'm guessing those who complained were most likely not in your ad demographic.

—Monica Freedman, posted on Facebook

Not a bad start, please consider getting rid of some of the disturbed cartoons.

—posted online by "nam6870"

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