That's When He'll Reach for His Revolver

Yet another person who knows nothing about guns writes an article (Danehy, Jan. 3), if he knew anything he would know they are used for hunting, my co-worker just took a deer with his last month and as for large magazines, again if he knew anything about guns he would know, because of our bad neighbor down south our state legislature saw fit to make sure we could use them to defend ourselves while out hunting from the bad seeds who come north illegally, which leads me  into another repose to a certain mayor who heads down there regularly that is asking for "real" conversation that insists guns are the main problem not mental health. On your many trips down south trying rather than heading north to build financial ties like you should, stop and talk to some of the people down there about how has gun control effected their county with the drug cartels and get back to me on their replies and last but not least, just the mention of our government using nuclear weapons on its own people, makes me to want keep my gun even closer, I know a bit futile but comforting.Paul Cragle

Someone's Not Happy With Kozachik's Party Switch

He is a liar, a traitor and stuck all the people who voted for him in the back ("Kozachik Jumps to Democratic Party", The Range, Jan. 11). Of coarse he is a Democrat. Steve K can no more say he jumped ship, than a man who was forced to walk the plank. He has covered up the corruption of the City Council and aided in screwing Tucson out of much needed money for Police and rebuilding our roads. After seeing him throw everyone who voted for him under the bus, how can this man's wife trust him. Obviously he has no morals, ethics, or principles, he is 100% for himself. So happy to see him finally do his first honest thing in the last 4 years by getting out of the Repulican Party. Now the failure of the City of Tucson is 100% Democrat. Enjoy no Police, high crime, no jobs, lost business and busted roads.

"Roger D. Score" commenter

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