A Conspiracy Theory Involving SunZia, Mexico

I read with interest the article on the SunZia power line ("Volts and Revolts," Currents, Oct. 18). While the article was well-written and informative, a key issue was missing.

One of the real reasons for the power line is to ship in electricity from Mexico. The current administration is very anti-coal (and by the way, the fix is in; Obama will be re-elected).

As our sister city San Diego has discovered, building a coal-burning power plant in a country with no environmental laws reduces one's costs a great deal. The good people of Mexico will gladly run and maintain the plants for far less. Those who work in the Northern Arizona power plants can all go on the dole when our plants are shut down. Follow the money.

Jim Corbin

Why the AIDS Memorial Quilt Was Not at Tucson Meet Yourself

For the past 12 years, we have coordinated the AIDS Memorial Quilt display at AIDSWALK Tucson. We have done everything we could to ensure a respectful, meaningful and safe area, creating fitted tarps, a PVC pipe and fabric Red Ribbon boundary; a 12-by-12 foot information booth; a musical presentation; and the traditional lotus opening with the reading of the names.

This year, AIDSWALK partnered with Tucson Meet Yourself. We were very specific about what we needed (stage, square footage and blue staking). However, when we arrived, nothing was as we agreed upon. All they provided were four brass stanchions to rope off an area. The "stage" was not set up in the appropriate area and would not support a choir of children, much less the Reveille Men's Chorus. The area was surrounded by food trucks, trash receptacles and volunteer check-in.

We could not ensure the safety of the quilts, so we made the uncomfortable decision not to do the display and returned the quilts to the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation. Shame on the staff at TMY for not taking the time to understand the importance of the Names Project and the AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Deborah Van Sant and Gregory Rogan

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