A Self-Proclaimed Barbecue Expert Has Her Say

This isn't the first time I have commented on the Tucson Weekly's barbecue reviews ("A Special Sauce," Chow, Oct. 18). I grew up both in Texas (brisket) and Georgia (pork, not always pulled), and I can tell you with certainty several things.

Brisket should be fatty, moist and very tender. Pork does not have to be pulled, as long as it is tender. Georgians order their pork "outside," meaning they get a part of the flavorful outside of the pork butt.

Finally, cornbread is never supposed to be sweet. My grandma lived in a log cabin (really), and her cornbread was always cooked in a round cast-iron skillet and was NOT sweet. I love sweet cornbread, but it was invented to satisfy the appetites of non-Southerners.

Mauda Palmer

Clarifying a Comment on Renewable Resources

Thanks for the article "Volts and Revolt" regarding the proposed Sun Zia transmission line (Currents, Oct. 18). It shows how difficult de-carbonizing our electricity system is. We have the renewable resources to do the job, but developing and getting them to market is challenging. Unfortunately, the author implied that comments I made about the hard choices we face were made in support of this specific project. My comment was an overarching comment about the difficulty of bringing renewables to load centers not relating specifically to Sun Zia.

Carl Zichella

Director of Western Transmission, Natural Resources Defense Council

Comments From Readers at

Regarding "Extreme Politics" (Oct. 18):

How does one say "hatchet job"? The county taxpayers might be better served with someone willing to challenge the status quo. (Nancy Young) Wright was a dud in the Legislature. ... (Ally) Miller may have things to learn, but she will watch out for the people.

—Big Ed

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