Sheriff Candidate Mark Napier Makes His Case to 'Weekly' Readers

Greetings, Tucson Weekly readers. I know this is not a publication that you would normally expect a candidate with an "R" by his name to approach. I am the Republican candidate for Pima County sheriff. While this is a partisan race, I do not believe that public safety is a partisan issue; it is rather a human issue, a community issue.

All people want to feel safe where they live, work and play. All people want to have confidence in the professionalism of their law-enforcement officers and the people who lead them. I am not running to only be the sheriff of the Republicans of Pima County; it is my sincere desire to serve all people of Pima County.

If elected, I will be a visible, engaged and accessible sheriff for our county. I will be visible working with our community and neighborhood groups, nonprofits and the business community. I will also be visible in our schools, discussing with our young people the dangers associated with drug and alcohol abuse, and the violence associated with gangs. We will engage in open dialogue about crime and public-safety issues. We will look at root causes of crime and find community-based solutions involving all the stakeholders. Importantly, I will be easily accessible to all of you. I will use social media to send out information and exchange ideas. There will be an "Ask the Sheriff" link on the PCSD website so you can send questions/concerns directly to me. The media, all media, will find me easy to reach. Personnel at the Tucson Weekly already have my personal cell number.

I have a solid education in social science. My undergraduate degree is in social psychology. This allows me to see the connections between various social strains and crime problems. Crime does not occur in a vacuum or as an event completely isolated and devoid of connection to the larger community. I have a master's degree in criminal justice from Boston University. This has provided me with a greater depth of understanding of the complexities of the criminal-justice system and of criminal justice as an academic discipline. I have 28 years of law-enforcement experience, the bulk of that right here in our community. I served as the captain of the Operations Division South of the Tucson Police Department, headquartered near Park Avenue and Ajo Way. During my career with TPD, I served in virtually every type of assignment. I maintain close ties to many in the law-enforcement community in Southern Arizona. The strength of these working relationships will help the cause of public safety for all of us.

I hope that you can support me as a candidate. I have made my home in Pima County and have a stake in ensuring it remains a great place to live. I know that the "R" by my name may give some of you pause. I only ask for a reasonable look. More information about me can be found on my website ( It is also easy to make contact with me through the website. I will personally respond to any e-mails.

Mark Napier

Ethan Orr Deserves More Than a Hat Tip; He Deserves an Endorsement

The following is a letter to the editor regarding your choice and explanation for District 9 in the Arizona House of Representatives. Here goes.

I was disappointed to read your recommendations for the Arizona House of Representatives, not for your endorsements for the "amply qualified" Mohur Sarah Sidhwa and Victoria Steele, but for the lack of an endorsement of Ethan Orr for what appears to be because he is a Republican, albeit a "moderate" one.

Mr. Orr has accomplished much under the most dire of circumstances and should be given a brief paragraph as to why the Tucson Weekly staff tipped their hats to him. A good place to start would be with, a nonprofit company that he founded that helps physically challenged and special-needs individuals find jobs with businesses.

Too often, it's red vs. blue, liberal vs. conservative, what-you-perceive-as-right vs. what-you-perceive-as wrong. Sometimes, the best candidate is a Democrat; sometimes, it is a Republican, but let's not dismiss someone completely for being one or the other.

Scott Meredith

Consider the Independents' Perspective Regarding Prop 121

I noticed that there was no mention of independents in your spiel on Proposition 121 (the top two/open primaries initiative). This troubles me, given that the initiative, (whose petition was) signed by 369,000 voters, is aimed at allowing Arizona independents (some 30 percent of registered voters in Arizona) a voice and access to the publicly funded, albeit private-interest elections. And, no, those 30 percent are not merely "undecideds." Instead, we are citizens who put candidates before party platform. I hope you reconsider your opinion.

Ellen Rauch

The Tucson Weekly editorial board fully stands behind the decision to recommend a "no" vote on Prop 121, for the reasons we cited.

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